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February 28, 2007

El liderazgo es un proceso de transformación interior más que un estilo de personalidad y carisma.

[Libro Jose]


From programmer to enterpreneur

February 24, 2007

Code is 5% of your business
Design is everything, relative to the competition
Get used to thinking long term
Admit that you don’t understand the end user and rectify that
Love your customers
Remember to design for ease of use. Even advanced users like easy.
Remember to bounce your ideas off people who aren’t working on the project
Don’t be afraid to pull things out
Patience is a virtue
Treat it like you are learning to program all over

[Ian Landsman]

Avoid procrastination

February 24, 2007

Increase your IQ to 140+, then you will realize that you job (and life itself) is meaningless and you will start suffering existential depression, which is way cooler than procrastination-related anxiety. Problem solved 😀